ashcustomworks brings the art and craft of hand made guitars together with carefully selected materials to create the guitar of your dreams. Whether you need a custom built instrument, one of the standard Ash guitar or bass models, custom wound pickups or a hard working Radian guitar, you've come to the right place! Not only that, but Ash Customworks can perform any repairs, setups, and modification work on any type of electric or acoustic guitar.

NB: Refinishing of guitars not built by Ash Customworks is off the menu for the forseeable future. I have enough custom built guitars going through the system to max out my painting capacity for now, so the only way to get Ash Customworks paint work is to order a shiny new Ash or Radian guitar - GREAT IDEA, RIGHT! :D

Whats New - Ten Years On >>
September 1st, 2014 will be the tenth anniversary of Ash Customworks setting up shop at Charles St and there will be big changes around that time. The next two years will be super busy and bookings will be tight with only 20 places available each year for custom built guitars. The first eleven of those are already taken!!

If you want a custom guitar built, the first thing to do is to buy yourself a place in the waiting list ($50). Once your turn arrives your design/quote will be done ($150) and when a place in the build queue opens up (sixth in the queue), you pay your 30% deposit and it's all go! That means you should get on the list NOW. Use the Contact page to make it happen!

Whats New - Radian Guitars>>
The Radian range of classic guitar designs is being revamped for 2013 and there are a limited number of the original models left. Just one Les Paul Special and one SG Junior left before they become Customworks-Only models. Radian Teles, Strats, Jazzmasters and P-Basses remain in the standard Radian range. There are also some custom routed version of those models remaining, so get in quick! Check out the NZ's Next Top Radian project at - Use the Contact page for more info.

Whats New - Website Upgrade Coming >>
Yes folks, it's true... after far too many years an upgrade is in the planning stages. This might take a while, so the manky old website will still be here for a while, but in the meantime, you can check out all the other sources of Ash Customworks and Radian content on teh interwebz at these fine places:

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